Total Hip Replacement – Sexual Concerns

Patients and their partners may have concerns about sexual relationships following hip surgery. This information should help.

Will I be able to resume sexual relations? The vast majwmd hip sexualityajority of patients are able to resume safe and enjoyable intercourse after hip replacement. In fact, patients who, in the past, have had impaired sexual function caused by preoperative hip pain and stiffness usually find that, after surgery, their hips are pain-free and have better motion. However, after gaining new hip(s), it may take several weeks to become completely comfortable during intercourse.

When can I resume sexual intercourse? In general, it is safe to resume intercourse approximately four to six weeks after surgery. This allows time for the incision and muscles around your hip to heal.

What positions are safe for me during intercourse? Total hip replacement precautions need to be observed during all your activities of daily living, including sexual intercourse. You should avoid excessive hip flexion, adduction and internal rotation. Think about how the precautions relate to your traditional position(s) for intercourse; and then, whether you may need to vary your position(s).

What should I tell my partner? Good communication between you and your partner is essential, because you may have to adopt new position(s) for intercourse. We suggest that you share this information with your partner. In addition, you can discuss the precautions related to hip movement which have been taught to you by the staff.

Conclusion: We hope that, by reading this information, some of your concerns and questions dealing with sexual activity after hip replacement surgery will be answered. If you still have questions, please feel free to ask your surgeon, physical therapist, or nurse.

Sexual Concerns Following Total Hip Replacement Reprinted With Permission From The Hospital for Special Surgery

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