Patient Education

“A Healthy Body in a Healthy Mind”
from “The Art of Living” Epictetus.

For your highest state of happiness observe the following:

   -Approach life as a banquet
   -Happiness can only be found within
   -Take good care of your body
   -Keep your heart free from hate.
   -Fill your heart with love.
   -Be optimistic: see the positive side of your life.
   -Live fully everyday and take the maximum of it.
   -Everything happens for a good reason
   -Your will is always within your power


In this era of advanced technology in our urban life, everybody is at risk of sustaining musculoskeletal injuries such as back injury, tendonitis, carpal tunnel etc. Prevention like always is safer. We recommend  a preventive daily course of exercises under the expert supervision of our physical therapy  department. We recommend these exercises both as prophylactic and treatment. Consult your  physician for proper excercises.

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